waipu low light highlights!

8-10 March 2019

Two and a half days, two nights.
Accommodation included.
From $490 per person.

Limited to 8 people

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Glow Worms

These are the highlight of the lowlight weekend. We’ve timed the workshop to avoid the rush of tourists, so you’ll have plenty of time to take some stunning long exposures.


Light Portraits

The entrance of the glow worm caves has a shallow river, ideal for light painted portraits. You’ll learn all about our light tubes, how to make them and how to use them.



The workshop is on the new moon. If the skies are clear we’ll work on some astro photography with spectacular views right next to the Glass Barn. You’ll learn how to plan your shoot, camera settings, stitching, grading and posting.


From $490 per person

Single Photographer, Private Queen Room: $590 pp

Two Photographers, Shared Queen Room: $490 pp

Single Photographer with non-photographer partner: $590 + $200

GST Included