Your host, Photographer Charles Brooks

Your host, Photographer Charles Brooks


I’ve been photographing around the world for 20 years…

My photographic journey started in Auckland with film and light-sensitive paper back in 1994, and ran parallel to my career as a concert cellist in Asia, South America and Europe.

In 2011 my photographic career started to overtake my music work after I was featured in National Geographic with my photos of southern Chile. These photos have since been viewed many millions of times. They’ve been used in major political campaigns, and in all kinds of advertising from Universities to chocolate shops!

In 2015, after 20 years abroad, I returned to New Zealand to dedicate my self to photography full-time.

In New Zealand I discovered a serious passion for teaching photography. I particularly enjoy helping clients capture technically challenging subjects in low-light situations. There’s nothing quite like spending hours under a starlit sky, or deep in a glow-worm cave, with a group of like-minded camera enthusiasts!

I continue to shoot commercial work where I specialise in portraits of classical musicians. These photos are in constant use in the world’s greatest opera houses and concert halls.

More recently I’ve started doing engagement photos, after a lot of pressure from friends who keep getting married…

You can see an overview of my work here:, and on the gallery pages of this site.