Light Painting Portraits


Create stunning Light Painted Portraits…

St. Heliers, Auckland
Friday January 11
8pm -10:30pm


Saturday January 12
8pm -10:30pm

$220 per person

Limited to 6 places

We’re teaching light stick photography in an exciting new workshop.

You’ll learn to:

  • Build a light stick

  • Use a light stick!

  • Work with a model

  • Be a model (optional!)

  • Operate you camera manually by wireless remote

  • Stay invisible in frame without Photoshop

  • Balance ambient and artificial light

  • Adjust for changing conditions

  • and more...

Class starts at 8pm

We’ll run through camera settings, light stick design, and technique before sunset.

We’ll photograph the sunset at 8:30, followed by two hours of light stick practice, where you’ll get to work with a professional model, and do some modeling yourself! (optional).

This class is on an eastern bays beach near St. Heliers. The exact location will be provided after you have purchased your place.

Please turn up at 8pm sharp. This kind of photography is best during the “blue hour” (1 hour after sunset), so you’ll need to be fully briefed to make the most of the shooting time we have.

Price includes group and individual training with photographer Charles Brooks in camera settings and post production. It also covers the cost of our model.

Cloud cover and wind can actually be beneficial to this kind of photography. We will shoot in all weather except rain..

What you need to bring:

  1. A Camera (any modern digital camera with a detachable lens)

  2. A Tripod

  3. A wide angle lens (24mm or less. If you don't own one you can rent one from Topic Rentals - mention us for a discount)

  4. A wireless camera remote (essential. Smartphone apps are not suitable, cable remotes are not suitable either!)

  5. A Torch (we’ll be wandering around on rocks at night)

  6. Warm Clothes (It can be surprisingly windy and cold!)

Optional: Laptop with Photoshop and Lightroom (we will teach you editing techniques on ours if you don’t bring your own)

Minimum of 4 participants required for workshop to run.
Please message us at if you have any questions or concerns about gear.