Time-Lapse Workshop with Syrp

Time-Lapse Workshop with Syrp

180.00 280.00

Saturday April 6
Duder Regional Park
5pm - 1am

Rainy or cloudy weather backup is Saturday April 13.
Please ensure you are free both days.

Syrp will lend us a whole variety of automated heads and sliders for our workshops. We'll be working on static time-lapses, creations with multi-axis slider movement, and much more... It's going to be a thrilling evening.

This workshop is still in development so we're keeping the numbers and price very low.
Suitable for photographers with some Milky Way photography experience.

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We’ll scout our positions and setup the cameras just before sunset. Once the cameras are clicking away we will take you through time-lapse post-processing. This will combine everything you've already learned about astro, with some new software including:

  • Syrp mobile apps

  • LRTimelapse

  • Adobe After Effects

Optional Accommodation in Maraetai:

If enough people request it we'll book a property in Maraetai (15 minutes from the park).
We can recharge our laptops there and continue editing for a few hours over breakfast (included) on Sunday morning.

We need a minimum of four accommodation requests for this to go ahead. The cost would be an additional $72 - $110 per person (twin share, cost of house divided by number of guests).

Please indicate your accommodation preferences when booking.

Gear Requirements:

  • A Camera (any modern digital camera with a detachable lens)

  • A Tripod (essential for night photography)

  • The Widest Lens You Have (ideally 24mm or less and with an aperture of 3.5 or lower. If you don't own one you can rent one from somewhere like Topic Rentals)

  • A Torch (bring a red light if you have one, like a bicycle light. Red light helps you change your camera setting without blinding you or your neighbors)

  • Really Warm Clothes (winter is coming...)
    A Thermos of Your favourite hot drink
    Spare Batteries
    Large SD Card (we recommend 64 gig or more)
    An intervalometer (cable remote with a timer, not necessary if your camera has an internal time-lapse function)

  • A Laptop with the following installed:

Full refund if both dates canceled due to poor weather/low numbers.

If you book and subsequently can't make the workshop or the rain date we'll do our best to transfer your ticket to another participant, but cannot guarantee a refund unless someone takes your spot.